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    Setting up 10gb in my Lab - Help


      ok so I started this post over at hardforum.com but figured .. why wouldn't I put it there???



      Ok so I'm new to this and I have a test lab at work.


      I have 4 esxi boxes - will get to them later

      a windows 10 pc (dell precision 5810)


      Our guys were getting rid of a mess of hardware so I grabbed it and figured time to play around.


      I stuck a mellanox card in the win10 box and drivers installed, albeit, MS drivers. but it seems to be good?


      I also connected a cable to the switch and the light on the switch lit up but in win10 the NIC says cable unattached.


      switch - Flextronics F-x430066 8 Port 4x SDR Infiniband

      cable - Mellanox Mcc4l30-300 Microgigacn Latch 0.3 M Infiniband Cable

      cards - HPE InfiniBand 4X DDR Conn-X PCI-E G2 Dual Port HCA (483514-B21)


      so few questions...

      1. what is needed on win10 side other than what I have done?
      2. if I put another card in a secondary pc, and just attach both to the switch, just give static IP's and that is it?


      ill just start with them...thx


      So over there I have pics. I cant put pics here so a bit harder...

      Ill add it here by copying the text...

      in Windows 10 dev manager - shows using Microsoft drivers

      ipoib6x.sys - 4/25/2018 ver. 5.50.14643.0



      C:\>mst status -v

      MST devices:


        mt26418_pci_cr0        bus:dev.fn=01:00.0

        mt26418_pciconf0       bus:dev.fn=01:00.0


      C:\>mlxfwmanager -d mt26418_pci_cr0 --query
      Querying Mellanox devices firmware ...
      FATAL - Can't find device id.
      FATAL - Can't find device id.

      Device #1:

        Device Type:      N/A
        Part Number:      --
        PCI Device Name:  mt26418_pci_cr0
        Port1 MAC:        N/A
        Port1 GUID:       N/A
        Port2 MAC:        N/A
        Port2 GUID:       N/A
        Versions:         Current        Available
           FW             --

        Status:           Failed to open device