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    How to install driver in CoreOS?


      My host is CoreOS system, and MT27500 is inserted on the motherboard.

      lspci -v | grep -i mellanox
      7e:00.0 Network controller: Mellanox Technologies MT27500 Family [ConnectX-3]


      I packaged all the deb packages and installed them through the mlnx_add_kernel_support.sh script, but I don't know which ko files are necessary for the device.

      At the same time, I should create which devices to the /dev directory, and also provide technical assistance.

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          mlnxofedinstall script should do all the work and it will prompt to run kernel support if necessary by running mlnx_add_kernel_support. However, be sure that your OS is in the listed as supported in Mellanox OFED release notes.

          Once Mellanox OFED installed properly it will load the driver automatically.

          mlx4_en & mlx4_ib - are the drivers for ConnectX-2 and ConnectX-3 devices

          mlx5_ib - for ConnectX-4 and newer devices.

          There are other dependencies, but when you do 'modprobe mlx4_ib' kernel will resolve them automatically. If you gonna load drivers manually, you might need to load another module one explicitly - ib_uverbs. But as I said, if Mellanox OFED installed in the right way, nothing need to be done manually.