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    Loopback issue with Zynq FPGA running Linux 4.14




      we are using Connectx-5 card on Xilinx FPGA board Fidus-Sidewinder100, with Zynq Ultrascale+ device.


      Which is running linux version 4.14, and mellanox drivers from this repo:



      And we are using Mobiveil's PCIe GPEX RC running following RC driver :



      please help us solving following queries.



      1. we tried connecting  a qsft cable on loop-back mode and ping with namespaces configured. Ping never succeeds. And ethtool stats shows multiple wqe_err incremented.

      commands :






      ip netns add ns1

      ip link set dev $eth0 netns ns1

      ip netns exec ns1 ip addr add dev $eth0

      ip netns exec ns1 ifconfig $eth0 mtu 9600

      ip netns exec ns1 ifconfig $eth0 up

      sleep 5

      ifconfig $eth1 mtu 9600

      ifconfig $eth1

      sleep 5



      2. Next we ran ethtool selftest with external loopback test on eth0 we see one wqe_err set and with all other test passing loopback failed with flags set to 7.


      ethtool -t  $eth0 external_lb


      3. After googling around we found this patch : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1799393

      is this patch relevant to this issue? if yes is there any way we can backport this patch to 4.14 kernel's Mellanox driver ?


      4. Petalinux for Xilinx do not have Mellanox Firmware Tools, https://github.com/Mellanox doesn't seems to have MFT source either,

      can we get cross-compilable MFT source which is compatible with the following repo ?



      same test seems to be working fine on a standard ASUS motherboard, running the same version of Mellanox driver and Linux kernel.