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    MLAG, PFC in a stretch scenario


      We are a little bit confuse about MLAG, PFC and RDMA (RoCe) on a stretch.


      We have 4 x SN2010-Spectrum-Switches which we want to connect redundantly with our two Hyper-V-Cluster in a stretch-modus with ConnectX-4 -Cards each Server.


      2 switches of each site should run in a HA Modus, therefore we need MLAG of each pair.

      As Mellanox-Docs like https://community.mellanox.com/docs/DOC-1434 we have to enable PFC globally. OK

      For Hyper-V with RDMA and switch-embedded-teaming under Windows 2016 we need PFC too, but as MLX-Docs https://community.mellanox.com/docs/DOC-2483 with priority (e.g.) 4 desired on two ports over the switch-pair.

      Now, do we have to configure the priority of each MLAG-Switch-Pair for PFC via IPL?

      How we have to configure PFC-Priority in the trunk ( in our below scenario) between the two MLAGs-Domain ?


      Thanks for your help in advance