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    Warning about EXT_QP_MAX_RETRY_LIMIT/EXT_QP_MAX_RETRY_PERIOD in sys log on ConnectX-3


      Hi all.

      I am using ConnectX-3 Pro card on Windows Server Essentials 2016.

      Every boot I got this warning in sys log:


      Native_33_0_0: EXT_QP_MAX_RETRY_LIMIT/EXT_QP_MAX_RETRY_PERIOD registry keys were requested by user but FW does not support this feature. Please upgrade your firmware to support it.
      For more details, please refer to WinOF User Manual.


      it's very strange things, because I have no EXT_QP_MAX_RETRY_LIMIT and EXT_QP_MAX_RETRY_PERIOD parameters in the registry, more of that, it's WinOF-2 related parameters, but my card using WinOF.


      I searched everywhere and found nothing Is it normal behavior?


      I have last drivers and firmware (see screenshot).