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    SN2100 QSFP (40Gbps) needs to be connected to Cisco Catalyst 3850 SFP 1Gbps port.



      We have a plan to connect Cisco Catalyst 3850 switch's 1Gbps SFP port to  Mellanox SN2100-BB2F  QSFP port.

      For this connection, we are going to connect them using NAM1Q00A-QSA and  MC3208011-SX( SFP transiever).



      I am not sure whether it will work fine or not.

      I have read about QSA article and it says as follow, But I don't know the meaning of "to plug another SFP+ to SFP into the QSA".

             " It is less common but possible to plug another SFP+ to SFP (10GbE to 1GbE) into the QSA and to reduce the port speed even to 1GbE.

                Again, if it is a Mellanox Ethernet switch port, you must configure that manually.

                For example, assuming the QSA was plugged into Ethernet switch port 1/1 and another SFP+ to SFP adapter was plugged into the QSA to reach 1GbE, run:

                   switch (config) # interface ethernet 1/1 speed 1000

                   switch (config) # configuration write




      Question)  If we plug MC3208011-SX into  NAM1Q00A-QSA and configure "speed 1000" at that interface ,  will it works fine ? ( = we don't need something needed to be purchased more.)

                           or do we need to purchase something like a speed convert adapter also ?


      Thank you for your attention.