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    Factors that determine compatibility of SFPs with new fibre services?

      1. 1.Whilst I understand that product recommendations are off topic can anyone help by explaining what the critical factors are when looking for SFPs that are going to be compatible with a new service?
      2. 2.Is wavelength a defining factor that should be considered/matched or should anything else be used to guide selection?

      Sorry I am new to 10G BASE-SR and I can't seem to find a good resource that can confirm if an SFP supported in a Cisco Nexus 5548UP will be compatible with a new service The new service is described as '10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN PHY IEEE 10G BASE-LR10.3125 Gbps +/- 100 ppm 1310nm'
      Ultimately I need to understand if a 'cisco sfp-10g-sr' for which the transmitter wavelength spec is described as 850nm is usable.

      Thanks for your patient, i plan to take it and any site recommend?

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