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    Remote VTEP mac learning is not working




      I'm trying VXLAN configuration with above topology with Mellanox switches(with mellanox OS) as leaves and Cisco N9k as Spine. Both hosts are configured with vlan 10 tagging. Loopbaks on leaf switches are reachable via Spine. swp16 is configured as nve port and vlan 10 is bridged to VNI 10000 on both leaves. This is controller-less configuration and remote VTEPS are added manually using CLI and remote learning is enabled using below commands.

      protocol nve

      interface nve 1

      interface nve 1 vxlan source interface loopback 1

      interface ethernet 1/16 nve mode only force

      interface nve 1 nve bridge 10000

      interface ethernet 1/16 nve vlan 10 bridge 10000

      no interface nve 1 nve fdb flood load-balance

      interface nve 1 nve fdb flood bridge 10000 address

      interface nve 1 nve fdb learning remote


      But the hosts are not able to ping each other. What could be the problem here?

      I could see that the VTEP on each switch has learnt the MAC address of the directly connected host. But unable to learn the MAC of the hosts belonging to remote VTEP. I used below command to check MAC learned.

      show interface nve 1 mac-address-table

      Also nve counters are increased when host2 is pinged from host1. But no packets are going out of swp2.

      show interface nve 1 counters