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    Failed to pxe boot win10 if set start type of mlx4_bus and ibbus to 0(boot start)


      We have a diskless(pxe) boot system, according to our experience, in order to boot with mellanox connect2 nic, we should always set mlx4_bus and ibbus service to boot start, it worked well for windows 7. Recently, we moved to win10, but if we do the same, win10 does't boot, we debugged some processes of mlx4_bus and ibbus, only found that if we set boot start type to 0 for mlx4_bus and ibbus, there always lack of a \device\000000XX device to be created compared to a normal system, we don't know why windows 7 is ok but windows 10 failed for the same nic to boot. Could anyone help me to solve this?