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    Header Data Split


      I've made a feeble attempt to utilise Header Data Split (HDS) offload on Connect-X 5 adapters, by creating the striding WQ context with a non-zero log2_hds_buf_size value. However, the hardware won't have it and reports back bad_param error with syndrome 0x6aaebb.


      According to an online error syndrome list, this translates to human readable as:

      create_rq/rmp: log2_hds_buf_size not supported


      Since the Public PRM does not describe HDS offload, I'm curious to whether certain preconditions need to met for this offload to work, or if this is a known restriction in current firmware? I'd also like to know if it's possible to configure the HDS "level", that is where the split happens (between L3/L4, L4/L5, ...).


      The way I'd envision this feature to work is to zero-pad the end of headers up to log2_hds_buf_size, placing the upper layer payload at a fixed offset for any variable-size header length.