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    send_bw test between QSFP ports on Dual Port Adapter


      Hello Mellanox,


      I have ConnectX-3 QSFP Dual Port CX354A  Adapter with Windows 7 x64 Pro on PC, I would like to make throughput test between QSFP ports. For this connected 1m fiber cable between ports and set CX354A in Ethernet mode in Device Manager. I also manualy set different IP addresses for 2 Ethernet adapters with the same IP mask:







      I tried make tcp iperf3 test, but I had only 12 Gbit/s instead of 40 Gbit/s. In your documentation where ib_send_bw  utility was recommended for testing the performance.


      How make test with ib_send_bw between two Ethernet interfaces on one PC?


      For example: to set interface in iperf3 I can choose with key -B: iperf3 -B


      Thank you.



      With Best Wishes,