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    How to run MPI through the ND mode



      We can't run MPI through the ND mode, only the Socket mode runs successfully.


      Our environment is Win10 1709, Mellanox Connect-X 3, WinOF v5.5. Another  Computer is Mellanox Connect-X 2.The instruction is:

      mpiexec.exe -hosts 2 -env MPICH_NETMASK -env MSMPI_ND_ZCOPY_THRESHOLD -1 -env MSMPI_DISABLE_ND 0 -env MSMPI_DISABLE_SOCK  1 -affinity "$(TargetPath)"


      But the result is:

      job aborted:
      [ranks] message

      [0] fatal error
      Fatal error in MPI_Send: Other MPI error, error stack:
      MPI_Send(buf=0x00000297A8661070, count=419430400, MPI_CHAR, dest=1, tag=4, MPI_COMM_WORLD) failed
      unable to connect to DESKTOP-U5E19NF  on port 0, the socket interconnect is disabled

      [1] terminated

      ---- error analysis -----

      [0] on
      mpi has detected a fatal error and aborted C:\Users\MPITest\Desktop\MSMPI\x64\Debug\MSMPI.exe

      ---- error analysis -----


      We can't find the reason, Can you give us any advices?Thanks for your time.