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    obtain connectx interface ifSpeed via SNMP



      I try to obtain via SNMP the speed of an interface of type infiniband


      Here is what I've done:

      snmpget -v 2c -c public t26 ifDescr.9 ifType.9 ifSpeed.9

      IF-MIB::ifDescr.9 = STRING: ib0

      IF-MIB::ifType.9 = INTEGER: infiniband(199)

      IF-MIB::ifSpeed.9 = Gauge32: 0


      ifSpeed is not correct.


      ibstat or ibstatus give me the right value :

      ssh t28 ibstatus | grep rate

              rate:            100 Gb/sec (4X EDR)


      Is there a private MIB to get the right value ?