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    mellanox switch SN2700 extremely slow login


      My question is: How can I fix this slow login? Does it need new firmware or software, or...?


      We have a Mellanox 100Gb switch (SN2700) that is extremely slow to login via ssh.  Eg:


      root@local:~# ssh admin@sw100



      Mellanox MLNX-OS Switch Management




      Last login: Mon Apr 23 20:16:31 2018 from



      Mellanox Switch

                                                             <-------------- hangs right here for a good five minutes or more


      sw100 [standalone: master] >


      Once logged in, it's perfectly fine/responsive as expected. It also appears to work just fine for the servers connected to its ports. My thought is that it might need some

      type of update on software or firmware?  show version gives me:


      sw100 [standalone: master] > show version

      Product name:      MLNX-OS

      Product release:   3.5.1006

      Build ID:          #1-dev

      Build date:        2016-03-09 11:29:31

      Target arch:       x86_64

      Target hw:         x86_64

      Built by:          dvirl@fit150

      Version summary:   X86_64 3.5.1006 2016-03-09 11:29:31 x86_64



      Product model:     x86onie

      Host ID:           xxx

      System serial num: Defined in system VPD

      System UUID:       xxx



      Uptime:            575d 0h 6m 48.576s

      CPU load averages: 1.00 / 1.01 / 1.05

      Number of CPUs:    2

      System memory:     2136 MB used / 13841 MB free / 15977 MB total

      Swap:              0 MB used / 0 MB free / 0 MB total

      sw100 [standalone: master] >



      I would appreciate any comments or feedback.


      PS I placed this in Mellanox OFED for lack of a more obvious (or allowed!) place; if there's somewhere else more suitable

      for this question, please let me know where and I will move the question.



      C Moore