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    Software/Firmware Interoperability for the adapters connected to SX6512 running on PPC_M460EX 3.5.1016


      I am running MLNX-OS PPC_M460EX 3.5.1016 on SX6512, I want to know the Software/Firmware Interoperability for the below Adapters connected the fabric


      MT27500 [ConnectX-3]

      Current Firmware/ MOFED

      FW Version:            2.30.8000



      MT27600 [Connect-IB]

      FW Version:          10.16.1020



      MT27700 [ConnectX-4]

      FW Version:          12.17.2020



      want to know the recommended level Software/Firmware that has be available on the HCA Adapter