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    What's the status of fork() support in libibverbs?


      Is it still same as what described in https://www.csm.ornl.gov/workshops/openshmem2014/documents/presentations_and_tutorials/Tutorials/Verbs%20programming%20t… (as listed below) ?  Or is there  some improvement (less constraint) to support fork() since then?


      - When possible, avoid using fork()

         • fork() or other system calls that call fork(), for example: system(), popen(), etc.

      - If fork() must be used, the next rules should be followed:

         • Prepare libibverbs to work with fork():

              - Call the verb ibv_fork_init()


                Setting the environment variables RDMAV_FORK_SAFE or IBV_FORK_SAFE

             - This will allocate internal structures in way which is more “fork()”-friendly

         • RDMA should be used only in the parent process

         • Child process should call immediately exec*() or exit()

         • If huge pages are used, set the environment variable RDMAV_HUGEPAGES_SAFE as well

      - Warning: Not following those rules may lead to data corruption or segmentation fault!