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    IS5024Q InfiniScale IV firmware issue


      I'm trying to update the firmware on my switch and have issued the following commands and ran into a problem where the PSID is a mismatch.  I'm unable to find any mention of GEM0F80110002 on the net and wasn't sure if a force flash could be done.


      C:\>mst ib add

      -I- Discovering the fabric - Running: ibnetdiscover.exe

      -I- Added 3 in-band devices




      C:\>mst status

      MST devices:






      Inband devices:








      C:\>flint -d /dev/mst/SW_MT48438_0x2c90200433c38_lid-0x0002 q

      Image type:            FS2

      FW Version:            7.4.0000

      Device ID:             48438

      Description:           Node             Sys image

      GUIDs:                 0002c90200433c38 0002c90200433c3b

      VSD:                   n/a

      PSID:                  GEM0F80110002


      C:\Tools>flint -d /dev/mst/SW_MT48438_0x2c90200433c38_lid-0x0002 -i ./fw-IS4-rel-7_4_3000-MIS5024Q_A1-A5.bin -qq b



          Current FW version on flash:  7.4.0000

          New FW version:               7.4.3000





      -E- PSID mismatch. The PSID on flash (GEM0F80110002) differs from the PSID in the given image (MT_0F80110002).