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    Connection between two infiniband ports


      Hi All,


      I have a remote system in which ib0,ib1,ib2,ib3,ib4 and ib5 are the infiniband network interfaces.

      ib0 and ib1 are externally connected back to back with a cable[loopback connection].

      ib2 and ib3 are not connected.

      ib4 and ib5 are externally connected back to back with a cable[loopback connection].


      Is there any Linux command or mellanox utility through which one can detect that [ ib0 - ib1 ]  and  [ ib4 - ib5 ] are the pair of network devices connected back to back given all the network devices?  Please provide some pointers on how to detect the connected pair.


      Thanks in Advance!

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          (Assuming you have 2 subnet managers running on these looped back ports) you could use /sbin/ibtracert to see the connection paths.  Though just dumping the ibnetdiscover/ibdiagnet for each _port_ should be pretty self explanatory.

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