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    mlxconfig set fails with "-E- Parameter ' value is smaller than minimum allowed 1"


      Hi Mellanox community,


      I have problems setting the NUM_OF_VFS on my ConnectX-4 Ethernet adapter (MCX416A-BCAT).


      I want to use mlxconfig to set NUM_OF_VFS, but regardless if I try it under ESXi 6.5 (mft- or Windows Server 2016 (WinMFT_x64_4_8_0_26.exe) I get the same error.


      Here's what I'm trying (following HowTo Configure SR-IOV for ConnectX-4 with ESX 5.5/6.0 Native (Ethernet)):

      [root@localhost:~] /opt/mellanox/bin/mlxconfig -d mt4115_pciconf0 set NUM_OF_VFS=8


      Device #1:



      Device type:    ConnectX4

      PCI device:     mt4115_pciconf0


      Configurations:                              Next Boot       New

               NUM_OF_VFS                          4               8


      Apply new Configuration? ? (y/n) [n] : y

      Applying... Failed!

      -E- Parameter ' value is smaller than minimum allowed 1



      I would be happy if anybody could comment or try the same on his/her ESXi/Windows machines.


      The funny thing is that I once managed to set SRIOV_EN to true and NUM_OF_VFS to 4, but I don't remember how I did that.


      Thank you and best regards