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    SX6012 switch - Forwarding rate


      Hello everyone,

      I have the following equipment:

      - 2xNICs: MCX455A-FCAT PCIe-gen3 x16 (each one installed in a separate node)

      - Switch: MSX610F-BS

      Both the (VPI) NIC and the Switch are configured to Infiniband mode.


      And I am running the following experiment:
      I have two servers and I am sending small messages (~30B) through UD QPs from one server to the other (both-directions).

      I have highly optimized the code (e.g. batching to the NIC, inlining, selective signalling, multiple QPs etc)


      I run such an experiment with two different configurations.

      1. I am connecting the servers through the Switch.

      2. I am directly connecting the NICs back-to-back (via a single cable)


      The strange thing is that I get different results. More precisely by reading the mellanox counters I see different Performance in terms of packets / sec.

      1. With the switch I get around 63Mpps (in each direction)

      2. On the other hand without the switch I get up to 80 Mpps (per direction) and at this point -->  I am highly confident that I am bottlenecked by the PCIe


      So my question is the following.

      - Do I have a defective/misconfigured switch or its common for a switch to not operate on line rate for small packets (by having less forwarding rate)?

      P.S. Also since I have 2 servers only connected through the switch I don't think I may have any congestion or something else that could explain the degradation. Am I missing something?