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    Freebsd 11.1 ConnectX-4 VPI


      Hello I just have strange behaviour I'm using modules from Freebsd 11.1 I compiled and build using buildworld etc..  and I can load mlx5 without no issue but I don't see Infiniband port on system on dmesg I have

      mlx5_core0: <mlx5_core> mem 0xf4000000-0xf5ffffff irq 16 at device 0.0 on pci1

      mlx5_core0: INFO: firmware version: 12.21.1000

      mlx5_core0: INFO: Module 0, status: plugged

      mlx5_core1: <mlx5_core> mem 0xf2000000-0xf3ffffff irq 17 at device 0.1 on pci1

      mlx5_core1: INFO: firmware version: 12.21.1000


      I have Infiniband switch and ports are in Infiniband mode , I have loaded mlx5  module (core module)  but why I can't see the ports ??

      Building this drivers from OFED 3.0 from Mellanox site end with :

      ............../drivex/mlx5/generated/freebsd/core/mlx5_alloc.c:28:10: fatal error: 'linux/errno.h' file not found

      #include <linux/errno.h>


      1 error generated.


      1   27 0xffffffff80200000 1f67a88  kernel

      2    1 0xffffffff82169000 316708   zfs.ko

      3    2 0xffffffff82480000 cb78     opensolaris.ko

      4    1 0xffffffff8248d000 3d908    mlx5.ko

      5    3 0xffffffff824cb000 1c960    linuxkpi.ko

      6    1 0xffffffff824e8000 b1770    ibcore.ko

      7    1 0xffffffff82621000 3650     ums.ko

      8    1 0xffffffff82625000 3c93f    linux64.ko

      9    1 0xffffffff82662000 7b0f     linux_common.ko


      Maybe someone can help with this ? I don't know why there is not mlx5_ib module ?? It is not implemented yet ??  Maybe Infiniband for ConnectX-4 VPI cards is not ready ??

      Please let me know.




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          Hey Adam, as a thought... if you don't get a useful response here it's a good idea to ask on the FreeBSD Infiniband mailing list:


          freebsd-infiniband Info Page


          It's not a high traffic mailing list, but generally the people there are responsive to on-topic questions (like this).

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              Hi Adam,


              You can try to build the inbox drivers


              cd /usr/src/sys/modules/mlx5

              make all install

              cd /usr/src/sys/modules/mlx5en

              make all install

              kldload mlx5

              ifconfig (must show your adapter)




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                  Hi Marc

                  Does this solve the directory reference problems like "linux/errno.h" ? Because if you pass this problem others come in the line. I think mellanox driver instructions on github page is old.Header file directory references must be organized in order to compile mellanox driver properly.Besides RDMA-ISER is not supported except initiator(there is another mellanox github page). Why target is not supported but initiator is something I wonder.After installation, freebsd-11-1 lists mellanox NIC properly.I dont get what the use of those drivers if rdma-iser is not supported


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                      No, it doesn't solve the build error.

                      The build error is related to the mellanox driver sources that you got from git.

                      What i explained compiles the native driver provided with FreeBSD 11.1

                      For now, there's no GA release for FreeBSD 11.1 it is certainly the reason the build failed.

                      I 've tried to workaround this problem by adding in the CFLAGS the path to the linx/errno.h CFLAGs = -I<path>, but the compilation failed at a later stage.


                      For now, there's only this FReeBSD 11 build that is supported : FreeBSD 11 Current (v289420)