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    Windows S2D with Mellanox Spectrum based switch



      I have been going through the content that you have uploaded here. When it comes to Windows Server 2016  S2D QOS configuration, I see two particular suitable configurations in L3 QOS mode. Because SMB uses RDMA (v2) and therefore need to configure RDMA and PFC plus ECN .One configuration that we configure on windows server as per your documentation is related to WinOF2-Driver "Lossless RoCE Configuration for WinOF2 driver in DSCP-based QoS mode "

      another documentation for Switch for L3 QOS mode: "Lossless RoCE Configuration for MLNX-OS Switches in DSCP-Based QoS Mode (advanced mode)". Both of these matching SMB traffic but I don't see any bandwidth allocation as recommanded by microsoft. Do you mean we need to configure Bandwidth in addition to the configuration you have outlined here?
      or we do not need to configure bandwidth powershell command in server and a
      relevant configuration on Switch? What about Livemigration traffic which also uses RDMA? how do we allocate bandwidth to this on server and on switch?I would appreciate if you can clarify as the current documentation is so confusing.