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    Dell PE R730xd Fans running too fast because of ConnectX-3 PCIe card




      Recently we bought a DELL PowerEdge R730xd with a Mellanox ConnectX-3 PCI card inside (MCX353A-FCBT). Without any load, each of the 6 server fans runs at about 17000 RPM !!

      By removing the ConnectX-3 card, the fans speed drops to ~5000 RPM, which seems more normal according to what we have always observed in other computing nodes (even with ConnectX-3 cards).


      I contacted Dell support which finally told me it's normal because they are not able to fine tune cooling response for such cards, or something like that. I think that the main argument I found is given here with this comment from Dell people : "[...]  Dell PowerEdge servers have the cooling capacity to support a broad array of PCI adapter cards. For PCI cards that are designed or qualified by Dell, the response is optimized while for third-party installed cards the response cautions on the side of more cooling.  Many of these third-party cards do not have active thermal sensor monitoring or standard sensor reading topologies hence limiting our ability to fine tune cooling response for such cards."


      As far as I understood, connectX-3 firmware is providing temperature sensors since version 2.40.5030, am I right ? I've got version 2.40.5048, so I should have those temperature sensors available, right ?


      My first questions are :

      - how can I get values of those sensors ? IPMI ?

      - Can we get the current temperature by this way ?


      I also installed MFT to get the current temperature of the ConnectX card, the value returned by mget_temp is 45 (Fans at 17000 RPM). I guess this is in °C, right ?


      What is the normal value I can expect ? The maximum value I should not overpass ?


      Thanks a lot for any help


      Best regards