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    ConnectX-2 VPI in ESXi 6.5 Using Default ETH drivers


      Hello everyone. I am running into what I think is a compatibility issue. I hope someone has ran into this before.


      Current Setup:


      Server: Dell R710 w/ PCIe 2.0 x8

      NIC: MT26428 (ConnectX VPI - 10GigE / IB QDR, PCIe 2.0 5GT/s)

      NIC Firmware: 2.9.1000

      Driver: nmlx4_en <---what ESXi uses

      Software: Server is running ESXi 6.5

      IB Switch: MSX6005-2BFS (Unmanaged)

      Cables: MC2207130-002



      When ESXi or XenServer boots, it loads the Ethernet driver, and I am able to establish a 10gb connection using the ethernet protocol, but I cannot get the IB protocol working and a connection will not establish between NIC and IB switch. I couldnt get the 6.0 VIB's installed on 6.5 just because of versioning.



      Anyone else have luck getting IB working?