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    ConnectX3 with MC2609130-001 cable (40GbE to 4x10GbE QSFP to 4xSFP+) in VMWARE only "port 1" is working (10GB)


      I have a ConnectX3 card in ESXI 6.5 connected with the Mellanox MC2609130-001 Passive Copper Hybrid Cable Ethernet 40GbE to 4x10GbE QSFP to 4xSFP+  to an Alcatel Lucent 6900 switch. Only port 1 with 10 GB get into service. If I use a 40GB to 4*10GB cable to connect one Alcatel 40GB port to 4*10 GB Alcatel ports it works. I had to set the 40GB port on Alcatel to "split mode". If I connect the ConnectX3 card with a 40GB cable to a 40GB port at Alcatel it works too.


      Do I need to configure the ConnectX3 card to a kind of "split mode" in VMWare to have 4*10 GB links running as I did on the Alcatel switch?


      Device Type:      ConnectX3

        Part Number:      08KP6W_0M9NW6

        Description:      ConnectX-3 Dual Port  QSFP 40GbE Adapter card for Dell PowerEdge

        PSID:             DEL0A70000023

        PCI Device Name:  mt4099_pci_cr0

        Port1 MAC:        248a07c081e0

        Port2 MAC:        248a07c081e1

        Versions:         Current        Available

           FW             2.40.5048      N/A

           PXE            3.4.0746       N/A

           UEFI           15.11.0040     N/A

        Status:           No matching image found