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    Where to download Mlx5Cmd.exe


      I have some RDMA traffic running between 2 PCs. The traffic is sent to a 3rd (monitoring) PC using port mirroring of a switch. This 3rd PC is running Windows 10 and it has a ConnectX-4 LX (using mlx5 driver). I was hoping to use Wireshark to capture the traffic between the first 2 PCs. But it fails to capture any traffic between those 2 PCs, be it RDMA or ping. After replacing WinPcap with Win10Pcap in the monitoring PC, I am able to capture the ping . But Wireshark is still not able to capture the RDMA traffic.


      From HowTo Capture RDMA traffic on mlx5 driver using mlx5cmd (Windows) , it seems that Mlx5Cmd.exe could solve my problem. But I can't find a place to download that software. Can anyone help? Is there a better solution w/o Mlx5Cmd.exe? Thanks.