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    Cannot set RX/TX channels on ConnectX4 MT27700




      I recently got a ConnectX4, and I found that I cannot set RX / TX channels using ethtool as I was able to do with the ConnectX3 Pro. If I check, I see:

      # ethtool -l ens5f0

      Channel parameters for ens5f0:

      Pre-set maximums:

      RX:             0

      TX:             0

      Other:          512

      Combined:       36

      # ethtool -L ens5f0 tx 3
      Cannot set device channel parameters: Invalid argument

      which seems a bit weird. I had a look at the documentation, and found nothing in this respect. Is this something expected? I am using, and:



      CA 'mlx5_0'
              CA type: MT4115
              Number of ports: 1
              Firmware version: 12.20.1030

      Thanks a lot for any help!