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    HPE IB Adapter not recognized by Windows




      I realize I may be better posting on the HP forum, but frankly I have always found this forum the most knowledgeable when it comes to anything Infiniband.


      I have a number of HPE BL460c blades that I have installed the HP FDR IB Adapters 545M(702213-B21).  I have installed the IB Drivers from HPE v5.35. Strangely I could not find an Installation Guide or a Manual for this card.


      The Adapters show up as Unknown Devices in Windows.  Tried Win12 R2 and Win16 with same results.


      I have update the firmware on the adapter to the current 10.16.1058.


      I have been working on this for a couple days and cannot get the cards to work.


      I thought someone here might be able to help shed some insight on what I my try.