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    Cannot install driver for MT27500 on CentOS 7.2


      When I attempt to install the driver for this card, I get the following error:


      Uninstalling the previous version of mlnx-en

      Failed to uninstall the previous installation

      Collecting debug info...

      See /tmp/mlnx-en-4.1-




      lspci output shows the card:


      a0:00.0 Network controller: Mellanox Technologies MT27500 Family [ConnectX-3] (rev ff)




      Also if I try to update the firmware, I get the following error:


      Infiniband : card detection :                 DETECTED FDR Mellanox

      Infiniband : card position :                  DETECTED @ a0:00.0

      Infiniband : mlx FDR detection :              PASSED

      Infiniband : mlx FDR revision :               ABORTING! (/usr/bin/mlxburn is missing)

      FDR Infiniband : Firmware expected 2.32.5100 : Can't Detect current firmware

      Infiniband : mlx FDR FW flash file :          Can't find:


      Firmware update not possible.




      /usr/bin/mlxburn does exist though