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    General Switch Questions: Traffic Control?


      I don't know if this is the appropriate place to discuss general Infiniband questions, so please feel free to point me to the correct forum.


      I'm working on an real-time application where network communication is crucial.  How do Infiniband switches manage traffic control?  If multiple hosts (A and B) try to send large amounts of data (gigabytes) to a single host (C), what happens?  I assume the messages from A and B are broken down into smaller packets, and then those packets arrive at C in a non-deterministic interleaved order.  That is how TCP/IP would work.  Does Infiniband do this any differently?  Is there a way to prioritize A over B so that the data from A arrives first?


      Does the Subnet Manager accomplish this in the Infiniband architecture?  Or does the Subnet Manager do something completely different?


      Also, consider a different situation where C sends a large message to both A and B.  Can this message be once sent to both A and B simultaneously?  Or does the message have to be sent twice: once to A and once to B?