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    Disabling Spanning tree breaks the network?


      Hi Current Setup is that way :


      2 x SX1012


      Port 1-4 are configured as hybrid and connected to nutanix servers. Port 5 is a breakout cable still connected to nutanix servers and set to hybrid. (All are 10GB)

      Port 9 is set to hybrid and connected to a backup server (10GB)

      Port 10 is connected to a juniper switch over 40GB

      Port 11-12 is connected to the other mellanox switch using LACP (2  56GB set to hybrid)


      As per Nutanix recommendations, it is recommended to disable spanning tree. As soon as I do that the servers lose connections to themselves and crashes. What would be the cause?

      I have attached the pictures from the Spanning tree config of both switches. Notice how one is different even though the settings are the same.