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    Question about ESXi 6.5 iSER PFC direct connection


      I have connectx-4 cards currently directly connected to each other. My one host is running a scst storage target and the other is running esxi 6.5 u1. I see the iser driver has been released and i noted the pfc config mentioned. Since there is no switch between the cards, they are direct connect, is pfc needed? If so is there anything i could configure on the nics themselves to meet this requirement? The connectx-4 direct connections are used for storage traffic only. The linux target is running scst and has a dual port card. The two esxi hosts each plug into one of these dual ports. this has worked well for 100gb ethernet (and originally 56gb srp with connectx-3 cards). I would like to try iser. If anyone has a way to mimic DCB on the linux side (most likely solution) any insight would be appreciated.