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    RDMA write failing with RAE (AETH syndrome 96)


      First column is source and second column is destination. is Mellanox and is our XRNIC target. Last but column is
      AETH syndrome.


      If you see for every write request going out there are 2
      incoming responses, out of them one with with RAE (AETH syndrome ‘d96) and next
      one is just positive ACK and there is not much timing difference between these
      responses only 15 us.


      This is protocol violation, Please suggest what would be wrong for this


      Our card


      root@xhd-ipsspdk1 ~]# ibv_devinfo
      hca_id: mlx4_0
      transport:   InfiniBand (0)
      fw_ver:    2.40.7000
      node_guid:   7cfe:9003:009c:2400
      sys_image_guid:   7cfe:9003:009c:2400
      vendor_id:   0x02c9
      vendor_part_id:   4103
      hw_ver:    0x0
      board_id:   MT_1090111023
      phys_port_cnt:   2
      Device ports: