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    ConnectX-3 Pro connecting at 10g instead of 40g


      Hello. This is my first attempt to use Mellanox products. I am trying to setup a direct link from a VMware 6.0u3 server and a Win2012r2 sever. Both are Dell R730 servers that came with the Mellanox card installed.

      I plugged a passive cable from one server directly to the other and link went up with 10gbps. Traffic seems fine, but I need to make it connect at 40g. Here's a link to the cable that I used:

      It seems that Dell just stopped selling the card (I bought the servers 2 months ago) and I can't find any direct references to this card from either Mellanox or Dell.

      How can I identify the issue?


      Here's the description of the Dell part:

      Dell Part: Mellanox ConnectX-3 Pro Dual Port 40 GbE QSFP+ PCIE Adapter Full Height,  MCX33D,  [540-BBOP]

      Physical label on card:  Model No: CX324A

      Windows device name:  ConnectX-3 PRO VPI (MT04103)

      Firmware: 2.36.5080

      PN: 0C8Y42  REV:E2