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    ConnectX®-4 Single 100Gb MCX455A-ECAT has Ref. Def. F3 fuse blown



      We have an issue with ConnectX®-4 Single 100Gb MCX455A-ECAT cards, that has 12V fuse (F3) blown on 3 cards

      The set up is below:

      1. Mainboard with two x16 PCIE Gen3 slots

      2. Two MCX455A-ECAT cards installed on these two slots

      3. Use a copper cable MCP-1600 to connect these two card together

      4. OS: RHEL/Centos 7.3 aarch64

      5. Test system put into a LAB with room temp around 20 degree C, Force air provided for cards with the direction from Mellanox Chip set to port, airflow speed >450 LFM.

      Running iperf test  or ping test for long time, and see that there were 3 cards failed with the same phenomenon that the 12V fuse F3 being burnt.

      We don't know what is the possible cause of the issue, whether:

      - The fuse rating is not enough to handle the Max current in some circumstance?

      - The specific card has power consumption higher than expected?

      - Or any other cause that we have not aware of??

      Appreciated if one has encountered with similar issue & share the information