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    Server 2016 SR-IOV


      Hi, I am running a Server 2016 system and have a ConnectX-3 Pro dual port card installed.  One port is dedicated to the host and the other port is dedicated to Hyper-V.  I do not allow host traffic on the Hyper-V port.  SR-IOV is enabled when I created the Hyper-V switch.  I have 4 vm running: 3 are Windows 10 and 1 is Server 2012R2.  I have SR-IOV enabled on all 4 machines.  What I am finding is that SR-IOV is working on the 3 Windows 10 machines (eg., I can install the latest Mellanox drivers on these machines and I see the Mellanox Virtual Function Ethernet Adapter in Device Manager of these machines).  However, on the Server 2012R2 vm, even though the driver package successfully installs, I do not see the Mellanox Virtual Function Ethernet Adapter on this machine.  I only see the Microsoft Hyper-V Network Adapter.  Any idea why this is the case?  I think Server 2012R2 also supports SR-IOV.


      Thank you, Hammer

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          I'm not sure what WinOF version you have installed but assuming it is WinOF v5.35_FUR  - then VM (Win2012R2) should have no problem picking up a VF of a preconfigured SR-IOV ETH on the top of a Win2016 Hyper-v

          Suggesting to ensure::

          1. Both Hyper-V & VMs have the same winof driver version (depending on the OS type)

          2. the CX-3 Pro adapter has the latest FW bunt (as per adapter's PSID)

          for more posible VMs restrictions - read "known-issues" in the release-note of winof v5.35


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              I have the latest version of WinOF installed.  Also, I notice that my vm's are unstable when SR-IOV is enabled.  Does SR-IOV need to be supported at the BIOS level?  I have a S5520HC motherboard which is dated and I can't find any info to see if SR-IOV is supported on that board.  I've read that it's part of the pci spec and so assumed it's a standard feature, but I've also seen postings that suggest it needs BIOS support. 


              Thank you.