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    Where did the custom firmware page go?


      I have several IBM branded ConnectX3 cards. When they were installed, I found a custom firmware page on the Mellanox site, still linked to from this page (down at the bottom of the page). That link now goes to a non-existent page and is redirected.


      I just bought a couple new (used) cards and need to update the firmware, but can't find the instructions, which I believe were on that page. Did it move? Is it no longer available?


      I know I had to modify an INI file to match the PSID of the actual card, in order to build a custom firmware binary. We're not actually changing anything but that PSID to allow the default firmware to build, but I can't seem to locate the instructions on how to build the custom binary, which I think were on that page.


      Does anyone have these? Is there a new page that should link to? I'd really like to get this set up in the next couple of days, if possible.