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    Stacking / Grouping SX1012


      I am just about to configure two SX1012 switches for a Storage Spaces Direct setup. I've previously used Cisco and Dell switches with stacking cables where the switches act as a single switch. I'm not as familiar with the SX1012 and have a few questions:


      1. Do these switches support stacking? I have two of the 40Gbe QFSP+ connecting the two switches but I'm not sure how to stack them or if that's even possible.
      2. I have two 1Gbps connection on each switch which are the uplink to the rest of the network. I am assuming the best way to uplink the switches is individually? By that I mean rather than create a port group with all 4 connection I should have two port groups, one from each switch?


      Hopefully that makes sense.