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    Performance Tuning Tool


      Hello there,


      there are some tuning scenarios in performance tuning tools in Windows. But i cant find any details of that.

      Whats the real difference between Single port traffic and Single stream traffic ? Which one should i choose ?


      Also if i tuned one port of nic with auto-tuning tool, the other port automatically tuned for Balanced Tuning.

      How can i activate different scenarios for different ports ?



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          there is a whole chapter (3.8.1) in Mellanox WinOF user-manula that will gouide you through setting general perfromance optimization and tuning


          single port traffic (for example, in CX-3) is when you define physical or virtual capabilities of traffic over a single port of the NIC and improves performance for running single port traffic each time.

          A single stream traffic is used to get maximum bandwidth and decrease the CPU utilization , allowing sending in higher rate. this mainly optimizes tuning for applications with single connection

          It is not recommended, but you can  "tune" each port's parameter manually & differently over adapter's properties --> advanced and also within Registry-key tuning but having different port tunigs of the same adapter  - you are likely to get inconsistent performance of the entire NIC