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    Firmware from Voltaire 4036e or 5030q can be used for IBM 40GB InfiniBand 46M6005 ?


      Help please!


      Firmware from Voltaire 4036e or 5030q can be used for IBM 40GB InfiniBand 46M6005?


      How to correct a standard firmware from Mellanox with mlxburn to use with this? It is 4036 or 5030?




      log from switch:

      c:\Program Files\Mellanox\WinMFT>flint -d lid-2 q

      Image type:          FS2

      FW Version:          7.2.0218

      Device ID:           23134

      Description:         Node             Port1            Port2            Sys image

      GUIDs:               0008f105003804fa 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0008f105003804fb

      MACs:                                     000000000000     000000000001


      PSID:                VLT1230030701




      system:switch[7]> info

      UUID: 0000 0000 0000 0000 0008 F105 0038 04FA

      Manufacturer: VOLT (VOLT)

      Manufacturer ID: 20301

      Product ID: 217

      Mach type/model: InfiniBand HSS

      Mach serial number: Not Available

      Manuf date: 3210

      Hardware rev: 4

      Part no.: 46M6008

      FRU no.: 46M6006

      FRU serial no.: YK5020030074

      CLEI: Not Available

      Main Application 1

              Build ID:       AMMDa1.0.2

              File name:      upd_hssm____

              Rel date:       11/23/2009

              Rev:            0102

      Main Application 2

              Build ID:       IS47.2.218

              File name:      Shaldag_____

              Rel date:       Not Available

              Rev:            7.2.

      Main Application 3

              Build ID:       CPLD000008

              File name:      LD________

              Rel date:       Not Available

              Rev:            0008

      MAC Address:    00:08:F1:38:04:FA





      system:switch[7]> ifconfig

      InfiniBand HSS

      -pm n/a

      Stacking mode  n/a

      -em enabled

      -ep enabled