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    Performance down with Connect 5x card than Connect 4x MLX 100G card




      I am using Inbox mellanox drivers (Not Mellanox OFED stack). In one scenario I have used MLX 100G connect 4x initiator (host) side. Target is our board. In that case we have better performance.

      With setup variable is 100G connect 5x  initiator (host) side. with that the performance became 1/3 compare to earlier one.


      for  100G connect 5x we are using same way inserting driver and configuring roce v2 packets.

      For Connect 5x any thing needed more? why we are observing performance degread with Connect 5x card


      Our steps:

      inserting fallowing modules

      configfs.ko,ib_addr ib_core ib_mad ib_sa ib_cm iw_cm rdma_cm ib_uverbs ib_ucm rdma_ucm


      mkdir /sys/kernel/config/rdma_cm/mlx5_0

              echo "RoCE v2" > /sys/kernel/config/rdma_cm/mlx5_0/ports/1/default_roce_mode