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    VMA not offloading




      I am testing VMA. I installed OFED driver, and installed software packages. I ran my program with LD_PRELOAD=libvma.so and looks like the program is using VMA library. However, when I dumped VMA statistics using vma_stats, none of my program is doing offloading. I see the counters for "total offloaded" are 0, and only the counters under "total os" sections are non-zero. I used the command "vma_stats --fd_dump <fd> info" to get the detail, and I don't see a line "Is offloaded : true". So it looks like the VMA is not offloading. I use default configuration (did not change libvma.conf, so I guess VMA is enabled all traffic other than DNS). The application is getting multicast UDP traffic. What would prevent the application offloading traffic?