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    How to VL implemented ?


      Hello all

      Simple question but I cant found answer. May be anybody know it ?


      The documentation says that each VL has its own send/recv buffers.
      Does this mean that when I using 1,2 or more VL, the buffers of the other unused VLs are idle(or not work) ?
      Or are VL buffers is the shared resource that are shared between the VLs used?
      I tried to test with 4 parallel tests (qperf rdma_rc_write).
      Run 4 tests without indicating SL and 4 tests, where each qperf use its own SL (SL0-3).

      I did not found any performance differences.


      Who will explain whether there can be a difference ?

      Or how the VL buffers is implemented at the hardware level ?