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    free bsd compiler error


      hi experts, pardon me for this unprofessional question,


      i just want to install connectx3 on my pfsense machine which using freebsd 10.3,

      i have follow the manual instruction attached on the driver download page i have the .tar.gz driver downloaded to my machine and i've extracted it, and i when i try to do a 'make' command as the instruction on manual book and suddenly came to this error message.


      [2.3.2-RELEASE][admin@firewall.rsudsidoarjo.com]/media/freebsd-fbsd_ofed_2_1_6/modules/mlx4: make -m $HEAD/share/mk SYSDIR=$HEAD/sys clean cleandepend

      HEAD: Undefined variable.



      i think maybe because im not using the root user but when i go after i use 'su' command, the error going to be like this :


      # make -m $HEAD/share/mk SYSDIR=$HEAD/sys clean cleandepend

      make: "/usr/share/mk/bsd.compiler.mk" line 39: Unable to determine compiler type for cc.  Consider setting COMPILER_TYPE.


      i have installed gcc maybe my machine didnt have the compiler which mellanox driver needs. Refer to the bottom post on a Q/A forum answer :

      chyves install failing · Issue #4 · chyves/chyves · GitHub


      but didnt help anything.


      any help would be very useful for me !





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          Hi Swab,


          Make sure that /etc/src.conf and /etc/make.conf files are modified to support cc.


          It should include something like that:









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            thanks a lot for your kind answer Viki, i really appreciate that !

            finally there's seems a solution to my problem,


            but when i try to find src.conf in my /etc ...i found nothing, i mean there's no src.conf so does make.conf.

            i think that was a problem caused to the version of my pfsense/bsd machine which didnt same with the driver version from mellanox,

            theni reinstall with pfsense 2.2.6 which using freebsd 10.1 ... but it was the same, i found nothing in /etc.


            theni reinstall pure freebsd, but it was still the same i found there's no make / src. conf file.

            doi need to install something to get that file ?


            pardon me and ..