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    Updating firmware MT23108-CE128


      i am upgrading firmware version for my InfiniHost MT 23108-CE128 card to rev 3.5


      and its give me this:

      Current FW version on flash:  N/A

      New FW version:                    N/A


      Read and verify Invariant Sector            - DIFF DETECTED


      Invariant sector mismatch. Address 0x6f8 in image: 0xffffffff, while on flash: 0x00000000


      The invariant sector can not be burnt in a failsafe manner.

      You can perform the FW update without burning the invariant sector by

      by specifying the -skip_is flag.

      See FW release notes for details on invariant sector updates.


      -E- Failsafe burn error: Invariant sector mismatch

      i try: flint -dev mt23108_pci_cr0 -image fw-23108-3_5_000-MHX-CE128-T.bin burn

              mlxburn -dev mt23108_pci_cr0 -image fw-23108-3_5_000-MHX-CE128-T.bin

      then i try:

              mlxburn -dev mt23108_pci_cr0 -image fw-23108-3_5_000-MHX-CE128-T.bin -skip_is

      and it give me      

             Do you want to continue ? (y/n) [n] : y

             Read and verify PPS/SPS on flash            - OK

             Burning first  FW image without signatures  - OK

             Restoring first  signature                  - OK

             -I- Image burn successful

      but nothing have changed. Can anyone know what to do?

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          I looks like flashing went without any issue. Did you reboot the host? What is the firmware version in ibv_devinfo output?

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              Yes, im trying to burn in windows server 2008 x64 r2. Image burned successful, then i reboot server machine. But FW version still N/A. mst status -v give me:

              1) mt23108_pciconf0    bus:dev.fn=07:00.0;   

              2) mt23108_pci_cr0      bus:dev.fn=07:00.0

              vstat give me: ib_open_al failed status = 42

              Have any idea what can help?

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                  The card is too old and  I would suggest to try older MFT package (v3.8.0 for example or even earlier) available from http://www.mellanox.com/page/management_tools

                  flint command can be used to query device. The syntax can be found in MFT user manual.

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                      At first i try the latest version, but when i write mst status i cant see any mst devices. Then i try 3.8.0 and see them but cant burn fw image. Now i use 2.7.2 one of the latest version from mlx site. I try flint, the same problem. Write that burn image successful but nothing change.

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                          When using v3.8.0, what is the 'mst status' output? Are you able to run "flint -d <DEV> q" command?

                          By the way, may I ask what are you trying to achieve? What software you are going to use? Current version of WinOF driver doesn't support this card. There is only ConnectX-2 and newer card support. What is the next step after you get the firmware upgraded?

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                              In 3.8.0 :

                              1) mt23108_pciconf0    bus:dev.fn=07:00.0;  

                              2) mt23108_pci_cr0      bus:dev.fn=07:00.0

                              Now i use: WinOF 1.1.1; MFT 2.7.2.

                              Before use of WinOF 1.1.1 i try 2.0.0. And now i can see <vstat> command and it give me: fw_ver=3.05.0000, i try to to burn fw-23108-3_5_000-MHX-CE128-T.bin.

                              Yes i can use "flint -dev mt23108_pci_cr0 q" command and it give me that:

                              Image type: Failsafe

                              I.S. Version: 1

                              Description:     Node                           Port1                           Port2                            Sys image

                              GUIDs:             0002c90108fe5f70     0002c90108fe5f71      0002c90108fe5f72      0002c90108fe5f73

                              Board ID: <MT_0000000001>

                              PSID: MT_0000000001

                              In real i try to update fw of infinihost 23108 in hope that solaris 11.0 can see this mst device. I cant find driver for it. And it give me some troubles: 1) error during attach: hw_init_checkfwver_fail. 2) driver attache (for maintenance only).