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    How can I add a timestamp in Roce?


      follow the manual. I used ibv_exp_query_device to query device capability, but I got  an error as follows.


      ibv_exp_query_device: invalid comp_mask !!! (comp_mask = 0x30373839 valid_mask = 0x7fffff)


      my adapter is  ConnectX-4.


      ethtools  -T eth1


      Time stamping parameters for eth1:


        hardware-transmit     (SOF_TIMESTAMPING_TX_HARDWARE)

        software-transmit     (SOF_TIMESTAMPING_TX_SOFTWARE)

        hardware-receive      (SOF_TIMESTAMPING_RX_HARDWARE)

        software-receive      (SOF_TIMESTAMPING_RX_SOFTWARE)

        software-system-clock (SOF_TIMESTAMPING_SOFTWARE)

        hardware-raw-clock    (SOF_TIMESTAMPING_RAW_HARDWARE)

      PTP Hardware Clock: 0

      Hardware Transmit Timestamp Modes:

        off                   (HWTSTAMP_TX_OFF)

        on                    (HWTSTAMP_TX_ON)

      Hardware Receive Filter Modes:

        none                  (HWTSTAMP_FILTER_NONE)

        all                   (HWTSTAMP_FILTER_ALL)