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    rte_eth_dev_count() always returns 0


      I'm trying to get DPDK working on a ConnectX-3 but only get 0 returned from rte_eth_dev_count().


      My system in Ubuntu 16.04.2 server


      I have downloaded, built and installed MLMX_DPDK_16.11_1.5

      with the --dpdk flag

      and downloaded and installed MLNX_OFED-4.0-


      Running ibstat gives me:


      CA 'mlx4_0'

              CA type: MT4099

              Number of ports: 2

              Firmware version: 2.40.5030

              Hardware version: 1

              Node GUID: 0xe41d2d03000b2240

              System image GUID: 0xe41d2d03000b2240

              Port 1:

                      State: Down

      Physical state: Disabled

                      Rate: 10

                      Base lid: 0

                      LMC: 0

                      SM lid: 0

      Capability mask: 0x04010000

                      Port GUID: 0xe61d2dfffe0b2240

                      Link layer: Ethernet

              Port 2:

                      State: Active

      Physical state: LinkUp

                      Rate: 10

                      Base lid: 0

                      LMC: 0

                      SM lid: 0

                      Capability mask: 0x04010000

                      Port GUID: 0xe61d2dfffe0b2241

                      Link layer: Ethernet


      and mst status -v

      gives me

      MST modules:


      MST PCI module is not loaded

      MST PCI configuration module is not loaded

      PCI devices:


      DEVICE_TYPE             MST      PCI RDMA            NET                       NUMA

      ConnectX3(rev:1)        NA 01:00.0   mlx4_0          net-enp1s0d1,net-enp1s0   0


      but, in a very simple test program, that just calls rte_eal_init(..) followed by rte_eth_dev_count().

      I only ever get 0 back from rte_eth_dev_count();


      EAL: Detected 40 lcore(s)

      EAL: Probing VFIO support...

      rte_eth_dev_count returned 0


      Can anyone help? Why do I only get 0 back from the eth_dev_count() call?

      I'm I missing some additional configuration?