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    Suggest esxcli extension commands for Mellanox native drivers


      Hi all,

      kindly suggest which useful commands you would like to have for #esxcli mellanox namespace.

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          I CAN'T UNDERSTAND why do you give this question to user on communities.

          All of community users don't know your ConnectX ASIC design, function and firmware code, too!


          If any can do it for ESXi admins that must include belows

          01. DCBX or PFC or ETS for loseless ethernet + all of ESXi's ethertools compatibility.

          02. iSER for RDMA block Storage

          03. rNFS for RDMA file storage

          04. SRIOV for SRIOV vNIC

          05. ibutilis that support both physical & virtual environment

                -> You can support with sererate utilities like ESXi 4.x age.



          Most important thing "esxcli mellanox" running on ESXi virtualization environment.

          Therefore all CLI command support all of Infiniband components both physical & virtualization, too!

          I know this is a very difficult thing because infiniband component was created for HPC environment originally.


          Absolutely, it's a true that need long time to resolve this puzzles.


          If you mean Ethernet, No. 05 is don't needed.


          Best regard.

          Jaehoon Choi



          You must modify embedded subnet manager on any running infiniband product in market include my all of SX6036G Gateway Switch and so on.

          - include another Ethernet Switch, too.