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    Ping failing with 10G MNPA19-XTR




      I have connected X86 point to point. Connected 10G Ethernet card both sides.  But it is failing to up the port. It is showing Link detected 'No'

      The link status showing Down. I am not able to make active manually. Please check am I missing some information.



      [root@localhost ~]# cat /etc/redhat-release

      Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation release 7.0 (Maipo)

      Kernel version:

      [root@localhost ~]# uname -r


      root@xhdipsnvme1 ~]# lsmod | grep mlx4_en

      mlx4_en               106768  0

      mlx4_core             282053  2 mlx4_en,mlx4_ib

      mlx_compat              1561  18 rdma_cm,ib_cm,ib_sa,iw_cm,mlx4_en,mlx4_ib,mlx5_ib,ib_mad,ib_ucm,ib_netlink,ib_addr,ib_core,ib_umad,ib_uverbs,mlx4_core,mlx5_core,rdma_ucm,ib_ipoib


      [root@localhost ~]#  cat /sys/class/infiniband/mlx4_0/ports/1/link_layer


      [root@localhost ~]#  cat /sys/class/infiniband/mlx4_0/ports/1/state

      1: DOWN

      [root@localhost ~]# ibv_devinfo
      hca_id: mlx4_0
      transport:   InfiniBand (0)
      fw_ver:    2.9.1000
      node_guid:   0002:c903:0051:5944
      sys_image_guid:   0002:c903:0051:5944
      vendor_id:   0x02c9
      vendor_part_id:   26448
      hw_ver:    0xB0
      board_id:   MT_0F60110010
      phys_port_cnt:   1
        port: 1
         state:   PORT_DOWN (1)
         max_mtu:  4096 (5)
         active_mtu:  1024 (3)
         sm_lid:   0
         port_lid:  0
         port_lmc:  0x00
         link_layer:  Ethernet