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    ESXi 6 SRP initiator to Solaris COMSTAR SRP Target will crash ESXi 6 host with PSOD


      SRP initiator on ESXi 5.x show me a good RDMA performance.


      But upgrade to ESXi 6 or above - include ESXi 6 update 2 with latest patch - then it show me a PSOD (Purple Screen Of Death) with APD (All Path Dead) randomly.




      Why this problems occurs with COMSTAR target on Solaris families include OmniOS, Nexenta, etc.


      IPoIB iSCSI also unstable.


      I have a 2 of SX6036G VPI Gateway Switch then change all of MCX354A-FCBT's operation mode to Ethernet with mlxconfig then connect to OmniOS IPoIB iSCSI Target via VPI Gateway.


      I'm also heard that Mellanox will not support Infiniband iSER on ConnectX-3 or belows from some sources.


      What's your long term support policy?


      If you drive Ethernet RoCE - RDMA Storage Protocol include - in virtualization then just say it!


      I can't remember how many times to wait for support RDMA storage protocols for every new ESXi.


      Best Regards.